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    Application of Titanium Metals of Baoye

    一、Application in Chemical and other department
    One significant feature of titanium is the strong corrosion resistance .Therefore, titanium in acid, alkali, neutral salt aqueous solution and oxidizing medium has a good stability than stainless steel and other non-ferrous metal.
    1.Chemical Industry
    Titanium in all kinds of acid, alkali, salt medium inorganic acid and aluminium chloride corrosion resistance is very strong, has a good stability. So, titanium is an excellent corrosion resistant material in chemical industry, has been more and more widely used .For example, the use of titanium anode in chlor-alkali industry and titanium wet chlorine gas cooler, received good economic effect, was regarded as a revolution discovery in the chlor-alkali industry.
    2.Petroleum Industry
    Competing with formic acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid, trichloroacetic acid and trifluoroacetic acid, titanium in organic compounds has a very good stability. Therefore, titanium is excellent structure material in petroleum refining and petrochemical industry can be used to make all kinds of heat exchangers, reactor, pressure vessel and distillation tower, etc.
    3.Metallurgical Industry
    Titanium belongs to the active metal, has a good suction performance, is an excellent degassing agent in steel industry, it can combine and separate oxygen and nitrogen of steel during cooling. Add a small amount of titanium in steel (< 0.1%) can make the steel toughness and elastic. Titanium has superconductivity, it is a common form of superconducting materials. In addition, titanium in acid solution containing metal ions has the very good stability, so the titanium in the wet metallurgy industry, such as copper, nickel, cobalt, manganese and other non-ferrous metal electrolytic production, has the extremely widespread application
    4.Chemical Fertilizer Industry
    Urea plays an important role fertilizer industry, in the process of production of urea, ammonia, ammonium carbonate and their mixture, under the condition of high temperature and high pressure, corrosion resistance is very strong, using titanium instead of stainless steel equipment life increase greatly, greatly reduce maintenance time. So the main equipment is using titanium in urea production.
    5.Desalination and Shipbuilding Industry
    Titanium seawater corrosion resistance is better than all other metals, whether in a static or high-speed flow of titanium in sea water has a special stability. Therefore, titanium is an ideal material to seawater desalination device. Titanium application number in this field will be bigger and bigger. Titanium sea water and sea air corrosion resistance is very strong, and strength, light weight, is the ideal structure of shipbuilding industry material, has been widely used in all kinds of ships, deepwater submarine.
    6.Electric Power Industry
    Titanium in chloride, sulfide and many other strong corrosion of hot water has good stability, and therefore titanium has a lot of in the coal-fired power plant used as a cooling pipe in heat exchangers. Thin-wall titanium pipe to replace copper nickel alloy tube, not only greatly improve the service life, and greatly reduces the maintenance time, the economic effect is significant.
    7.Paper and Textile Industry
    Because of corrosion resistance, titanium material widely used in textile、 printing、dyeing industry, and papermaking industry.
    Titanium can resist the corrosion of the human body, and harmless to the human body. Thus it can be widely used in medical and pharmaceutical industry.