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    Ti/Ni Multi-effect Falling Film Evaporator

    Baoji Baoye Ti/Ni Multi-effect Falling Film Evaporator

    Using principle of Ti Multi-effect Falling Film Evaporator:

    Falling film evaporator is efficient one-way diaphragm evaporation equipment, its principle is to effectively improve the heat transfer efficiency, less heat loss, shorten heating time, suitable for multiple effect characteristics such as small volume, low energy consumption, equipment operation, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, petrochemical, metallurgical industries such as evaporation operation. Our company designs and manufactures one effect, double, three, four, five of the device with or without heat pump structure for stainless steel and titanium materials. Single hot swap area is 1000 m2. Evaporator and can bear the manufacturers technical transformation project, can satisfy the needs of users for a variety of materials through evaporation
    Falling film evaporator features:
    1, the simple to operate and convenient.
    2, suitable for evaporation of the thermal sensitive material.
    3, strong applicability Low energy consumption, easy to operate multiple effect.