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    Applications of Titanium Alloy in Automotive Industry

    Titanium Alloy used in Automoblie Industry as Silencer

    Applications of Titanium Alloy in Automotive Industry(Reprint)

    According to the Chinese industry insight ‘s understanding, although titanium alloy has been widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, and ship industry, its application in automobile industry development is slow . In 1956, GM company successfully developed the first full titanium car, titanium auto parts until the 1980 s reached the mass production level.In the 90 s as the demand for luxury cars, sports cars, cars increased year by year, titanium parts got very fast development. In 1990 the world automotive ti content was only 50 t, 1997, 500 t, 1100 t, 2002, 2009, 3000 t, cars with titanium content worldwide in 2015 is expected to break 5000 t. Titanium alloy parts have several more commonly used at present.
    1、Connecting Rod Materials
    Titanium alloy is the ideal choice of the connecting rod materials. Titanium alloy engine connecting rod can effectively reduce the engine quality, improving fuel utilization rate and reducing gas displacement. Compared with steel rods, titanium rod can reduce the quality of 15% ~ 20%.The application of titanium alloy connecting rod in Italys first new ferrari car 3.5 LV8 and Acura NSX reflected on the engine. Materials mainly used in the titanium alloy connecting rod have Ti 6 Al- 4 V, Ti- 10 V – 2Fe-3 Al, Ti – 3Al - 2.0 V and Ti – 4Al-4 mo - Sn - 0.5 Si. etc., other materials such as titanium alloy al Ti – 4Al-2 Si- 4 Mn and Ti - 7 M - 4 Mo also in research and development in the application of the connecting rod.
    2、Engine valve
    Automobile engine valve which made of titanium alloy, not only can reduce the quality, prolong service life, also can reduce fuel consumption and improve the reliability of the car. Compared with steel valve, quality can be reduced by 30% ~ 40%, the engine speed limit can be increased by 20%.In terms of the present application, the inlet valve of the material is given priority to with Ti – 6Al – 4V, the exhaust valve material is given priority to with Ti - 6242 S, Sn and Al are added together, usually can get lower brittleness and high strength; Mo addition can improve the performance of heat treatment on the titanium alloy, the strength of the quenching and aging of titanium alloy, at the same time increase the hardness.

    3、Valve-spring Retainer
    High strength and fatigue resistance are the basic performance of the valve spring seat. The beta type for heat treatment alloy, titanium alloy by solid solution aging treatment for high strength, is suitable for the corresponding materials have Ti-15 v-3Cr -3Sn and Ti -15Mo – 3Al- 2.7Nb - 0.2Si.
    4、Titanium Alloy Spring
    Titanium alloy l has a relatively low modulus of elasticity compared with steel material. Sigma s/E value is large, suitable for making elastic element. Compared with steel spring car, in the same elastic work under the premise of titanium spring height was only about 40% of steel spring, the quality is only 30% ~ 40% of steel spring, is advantageous for the car body design.
    6、The exhausted system and the muffler
    Titanium has a heavy usage in automobile exhaust system. Made of titanium alloys, the exhaust system not only can improve the reliability, prolong life and improve the appearance, also can reduce the quality and improve the efficiency of fuel combustion.
    Titanium muffler quality is only 5 ~ 6 kg, lighter than stainless steel muffler.
    7、Car Frame Part
    In order to improve the security and reliability of the car, from the aspects of design and manufacturing, especially considering manufacturing materials, titanium is a kind of good material to make car body frame, it not only higher than strength, but also has good toughness.
    8、Other Titanium Parts
    Titanium is applied to the engine rocker arm, suspension spring, engine piston pin, automotive fasteners, hanging ear nut, automotive door into beam, retaining bracket, brake caliper pistons, pin plug, pressure plate, variable speed button, auto clutch disk auto parts, etc