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    Titanium Scraper Evaporator Production Design

    Titanium Scraper Evaporator Design

    Titanium Scraper Evaporator

    Our company could design scraper evaporator according to customer requirements. For now, we are mainly producing 5 and 8 square scraper evaporator.

    1. Evaporation area: the calculation of evaporation is based on in and out the concentration of material, to calculate the evaporation capacity in unit time.

    2. Vacuum degree: the gain of vacuum degree is at the expense of the consumption of energy, as long as meet the requirement of evaporation, there is no need to require high vacuum degree.

    3. Form and determination of the material: according to the viscosity of the material, crystal orientation, foam, such as physical and chemical properties, select the appropriate form of scraper, considering evaporation temperature, determine appropriate material.

    4. Choosing heat medium: according to the evaporation temperature and the quantity of heat to set up a kind of suitable heat medium, whether using steam or hot water or heat conducting oil.

    5. Choosing evaporator material.