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    Major Breakthrough on Forging Technology of Titanium Alloy, Aluminium Alloy producing

    A few days ago, as a "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" one of the important contents of national science and technology major projects held by Chinas second heavy machine tool group co., LTD "large key-module die forging technology research has made significant progress.
    The topic focus around large aviation forging pieces of hot die forging net shaping technology, combining is building a large 800 mn die forging press, developed the aviation complex precision forging of near net shape technology, and solved the large forging process based on generic technology and key technical problems. Break through the integral forming technology of large titanium alloy, aluminum alloy forgings, with typical in aviation titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and identity of test data, the basis of the forging forming process of meshless method simulation technology research, typical structure forming process of titanium alloy lubrication protection technology research, research and development of die forging technology of the database/knowledge base has achieved remarkable results.
    The research results will be widely used in large, as a whole, fine, high quality, low cost, long service life of die forging product research and development, provide key-module for Chinas large aircraft manufacturing base.
    At present, the research achievements of 800 mn large forging press provides guidance production technology, to solve the large die forging technology of foundation technology and key technical problems, make our country near net shape technology reached the international advanced level.For the use of 800 mn die forging pressure mechanism to build large-scale, high quality, the whole large forging to lay the good foundation.