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    Discussion on the Developments of Titanium World-wide

    Titanium can be divided into pure titanium (TA1, TA2 and TA3 were classified as pure titanium, from TA1 to TA3 a lower the purity) and titanium alloy; Titanium alloy is to join other elements for titanium based alloy, titanium alloy with lower density, high strength, corrosion resistance and good manufacturability etc, and is an ideal material for aeronautics and astronautics. In 20th century, the development of aviation engine with high temperature titanium alloy and the body with the structure of the titanium alloy, the first practical titanium alloy is in 1954 the successful development of Ti-6Al-4V alloy, currently widely used in aviation industry is Ti 6 al 4 v, today the rest of the titanium alloy can be regarded as in Ti – 6Al- 4V on the basis of the reform.

    Titanium processing material producers mainly include China, the United States, Russia, Japan and Europe. Since 2010, Chinas titanium processing material production has been the worlds first, Baoji titanium valley is the famous throughout the world. With the global economic recovery, the civil aviation sector began a slow recovery, thus promote titanium demand growth, starting in 2010, the global production of titanium sponge and titanium processing material recovery obviously. In 2011, global titanium sponge production reached 206000 tons, up 29.2% from a year earlier. Global titanium processing of material production in 2011 reached 148000 tons, up 32.5% from a year earlier.