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    Titanium Industry in China are Facing Strong Competition from Vietnam

    Titanium industry is the important industry in our country, in the aviation, spaceflight, war industry, chemical industry, nuclear industry, marine industry and daily life supplies, and other fields has been widely used, and in the world market, our country also occupies the absolute competitive advantage for a long time, as titanium production and consumption country in the world, our titanium sponge and titanium processing material production are the first in the world.
    Analyst pointed out that the titanium industry in our country has developed rapidly in the recent ten years, especially in recent years, in the backdrop of the transformation and upgrading of the national economy as a whole, the Chinese titanium industry to speed up structural adjustment, to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of industrial equipment. But as the titanium industry in the global market quickly, many countries have stepped up efforts to titanium layout, especially Vietnam big moves continuously, brought new competition to domestic titanium industry.
    With the speeding up of industrialization and urbanization, the titanium industry in China is facing the huge market demand and good prospects. In the domestic titanium market development is big, but in the international market, due to emerging countries such as Vietnam to titanium industry vigorously support, our country are facing more and more international competition, the entire industry must put our full energy to the development of Titanium Industry.