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      Gr7 Titanium Plates





      BAOJI BAOYE TITANIUM-NICKEL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is a recognised leader intitanium sheetand platemanufacture and supply across China and globally. offers the widest range of titanium sheet in grade, dimensions and standards.

      Titanium sheet dimension range is from a thickness as low as 0.3 mm and lengths up to 5600 mm by width of 2800 mm.now for the latest in titanium sheet prices and availability.

      Having invested significantly in advanced titanium sheet metal rolling equipment the machine inventory includes best in class rolling equipment.

      Ti sheet production inventory includes a 1,500m, four high reversible hot and cold rolling mill taking annual titanium plate production capability up to 3000 tonnes.

      Titanium plate and sheets are engineered to international standards and specifications and undergo the highest level of quality control. Engineering standards defining the chemical composition, mechanical property and the tolerance of sheets are complemented with full independent testing. BAOJI BAOYE TITANIUM-NICKEL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. supply titanium plate in a range of surface finishes which is produced typically by pickling and sandblasting as per customer requirements to ensure the required quality finish.

      Titanium Sheet Production Capability

      The specification below provides a summary overview to the production capability. Dimensions, grade and supply states are interdependent sotoday with your specification.

      • ProductionStandards:ASTM B265, ASTM SB265, AMS 4902, ASME SB265, DIN 17860
      • Titanium Grades:Gr 1, 2, 3, 4, 5(6Al-4V), 7(Ti-0.15Pd), 9(3Al-2.5V), 12, 23(6AL-4V ELI), 15V-3Al-3Sn-3Cr
      • Titanium Sheet Dimensions:Thickness: 0.3 – 300 mm, Length: 1000 – 5600 mm, Width: 400 – 2800 mm
      • Titanium Sheet Surface Finishes:Polished, Mill, Pickling, Painted, Brushed or Blasted
      • Rating:4.7/ 5 based on36customer reviews

      Titanium Sheet Specification

      BAOJI BAOYE TITANIUM-NICKEL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD manufacture both puretitanium sheet metaland titanium alloy plate and sheets to ASTM B265, ASME SB265 standards and other regional standards. North Steel Co. have a wealth of experience in titanium supply had have been a china titanium sheet supplier for over 30 years. In that time North Steel Co. have seen thetitanium platesindustry evolve and to keep ahead of the rest North Steel Co. have focused on quality in titanium sheets and have established North Steel Co. as a trustedtitanium plate supplier.

      ASTM Grades Processing thickness (mm) Delivery States* Sizes (Thickness × Width × Length) (mm)
      Rolling Size Range
      1, 2, 3, 4, 7 Hot Rolled 0.3 < t < 4.0 R M 0.3-0.5 × 400-600 × 15000
      0.6-0.8 × 400-800 × 1200
      0.9-6.0 × 400-1000 × 1000-3000
      6.1-15 × 400-2000 × 1000-4000
      16-60 × 400-2800 × 1000-5600
      Cold Rolled 4.1 < t < 60 Y M
      12 Hot Rolled 0.5 < t < 4.0 R M
      Cold Rolled 4.1 < t < 60 Y M
      5, 6 Hot Rolled 0.8 < t <4.0 R M
      Cold Rolled 4.1 < t < 60 Y M

      * The titanium plates generally use the hot-rolled and cold-rolled process. Supply statuses are: hot-rolled state (R), cold-rolled state (Y), annealed (M), quenched state (C).

      Medical Titanium Plate Specifications

      Baoye titanium provide medical grade titanium to meet the ever growing demand for titanium implants such as titanium bone structure supports, titanium prosthetics, titanium tooth implants.

      Titanium Plate Specifications Used for Medical Titanium
      Medical titanium plate
      No. Grade Size (mm) State Standard
      1 Gr2,Gr3 3 x 11 x (500~1000) bright ASTM F67
      2 Gr2,Gr3 3.5 x 12 x (500~1000) bright ASTM F67
      3 Gr2,Gr3 4 x 14 x (500~1000) bright ASTM F67
      4 Gr5 THK 3~60 bright ASTM F136

      Heat Exchanger Titanium Plate Specifications

      One of the widest and most current uses of titanium plate and sheet today is for its use in titanium heat exchangers. From the miniature fish tank heat exchangers used to maintain correct water temperature right through to some of the worlds largest industrial ti heat exchangers. North Steel provide the highest quality ti sheet and ti plate to meet all requirements and application.

      Heat Exchangers, Titanium Plate Specifications
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